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Hello fellow Jerks! Sir Jerkowitz here! Looking to acquire some gear that flaunts your jerktitude? I’ve got exactly what you need! Now that I’ve set up a shop for Home For Jerks, you now have access to all of your most wanted Jerk Gear! Awesome right?? Want an Official Jerk bumper sticker? We’ve got it. Want a Jerk coffee mug? We’ve got it. Hell, I even agreed to model for the design! Go check it out!!!

Sir Jerkowitz

Click Here to Go to the Official Home For Jerks Merchandise Shop!!!!!!

Foxes & Fangs

One half books and kdramas, one half wondering what this is all about.


Control Your Anger

Steven Charles Porter

Portfolio of an aspiring writer

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Music exposed!


People and Trends

Everything AliExpress Blog

Everything AliExpress Blog

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