Hello fellow jerks, I know that it has been awhile and I can explain…

I want to blame my absence on my preoccupation with my job, and family, but unfortunately the root of the problem is deeper.

I want to say, it’s writer’s block, because that’s easy to explain and just as easy to interpret. Again though, it’s a little more complex than that.

Around late April, of this year I began putting myself in guest posting positions, where I wrote articles of different niches, just kind of experimenting. Of course, my intentions was to keep Home For Jerks my main priority, but when I met a particular blogger, things kind of changed.

This person was a more experienced blogger than me, and aside from that we just ran different sites. He had a self hosted site, that accumulated some sort of money, and I… Well I just have a personal blog, where I go on about topics that are just supposed to entertain people. I’m basically a blogger comedian? I guess as a beginner blogger, the site I chose to create was the easiest for me to write about. I suppose it’s hard for me to choose a topic that I can write enough quality content on, that makes me different than any other Joe out there that knows how to make average every day issues into a drug out 800 word blog post.

I was getting decent traffic at the time, not like super great, but enough to satisfy my own personal needs. Hell, I was happy if 1 person read and enjoyed my work. The thing is, I had a thought in the back of my mind. My viewers are only viewing, if I am advertising constantly. So I decided to take a month off of posting, and observe how things change. Sure enough, my views drastically dropped, as time went on, when my self advertised posts on social media where becoming lest frequent in peoples’ feeds.

On top of all this, Home For Jerks wasn’t turning into what I intended. I kind of wanted it to be a sort of social group, or club, with various authors. Instead, I was a lone wolf, a one man wolf pack. Which would’ve been fine, had I not experienced the above. I don’t know, Jerks, I feel as though I need to do a little soul searching. I need to find a “niche”. I need to write about something that people read and gain from. Home for Jerks just isn’t it. Unfortunately.

Sir Jerkowitz, Over and out.