First thing’s first. I am a HUGE Will Ferrell fan. Not like a fan that you plug in and it blows air– well actually not like any fan of that kind. I mean I’m a huge fanatic of Will Ferrell. But you already knew what I was talking about. And I’m making a fool out of myself. Awesome.

Anywho, I want to personally thank Comically Quirky for the nomination, and here are my picks for today. I chose to combine all of my quotes into one post… Bite me.

quote 1

(Words cannot describe how strongly I feel about this quote.)

quote 2

(Will Ferrell stands up for abused apples. What do YOU do for the cause? #SaveGrannySmith)

quote 3


The rules for this challenge are simple. For the three days you just need to post a quote or if you wish you can post all three quotes on the same day.

You then nominate three other bloggers each day to participate in this challenge and inform them about it.

Don’t forget to thank the blogger who nominated you!

My three nominees:

The Lonely Tribalist

Does This Happen To You?

Society and Satire


You guys don’t have to accept the challenge, but it’s sure be cool if you did!