I’m not shy. I’m selective. 

Okay maybe I’m a little on the anti-social side. I don’t know how to change myself. It’s not like I intentionally act shy. I just have a tendency to avoid making contact with people if I don’t absolutely HAVE to. A restaurant filled with people? No matter how much I want to eat at that particular restaurant, I will almost always avoid a crowd of people. Why? I guess, for me, it’s mainly about avoiding awkward moments. You know, those moments when your face gets all red and you have that itchy/ hot feeling in your cheeks? Just me? Okay. Anyway, these are 10 awkward moments that literally everyone has had. See if you can relate!

1. When me and another person are walking toward each other, and we are both trying to move out of each other’s way… Unfortunately, we both keep stepping in the same direction, thus getting us trapped in a loop of awkwardness.

2. When someone waves at me, and I wave back… only to discover that they were actually waving at somebody else around me. Welp. Now I feel like a spaz.

3. Spilling stuff. I’ll be just chilling in the cafe at my school, sippin’ on some tea… when all of a sudden gravity breaks, and I knock over my cup, spilling my tea all over my table. The tea starts flowing under other people’s plates and they kinda shoot me a look as if to tell me to go die. All I can do is start hoarding napkins, and keep repeating the word “Fuck”.

4. Falling. It doesn’t happen to me very often, luckily, but when I do bust my ass there always seems to be the peanut gallery waiting on standby to point out that I have just fallen. Often they say things like “Hey there’s a pot hole there”. I can only laugh of course, because what else can I say… No shit there is pothole there, I just fucking fell in it.

5. Accidentally sending a text that is intended for your significant other, to your mom, dad, boss, etc., I have plenty of personal embarrassments that I could share about this. One time I accidentally texted my dad “Love you babe”… Later in that day I had a couple of friends over. They weren’t those friends you have that you can never feel embarrassed around. I was the new kid in school at the time, and these kids had just let me in their “cliche”. I felt cool. Then my dad replied to my text. Except, he didn’t reply with another text, no, he decided to come into the room, and vocalize his response. “Love you too baby” He said. Awkward level = over 9000.

6. When you find yourself somewhere, deeply thinking. You’re not staring at anything in particular, you’re just kinda staring. Until you realize that you are staring at something, or someONE for that matter. And you don’t realize this until their eyes have already met yours. Then you look away like you weren’t even looking in the first place. But you know in the back of your mind that they think you were staring at them for x amount of time.

7. In the extremely weird occasion that you have to use the restroom, or get undressed in front of your pet…. It just feels really awkward. They always have to make eye contact with you, too. They kinda just stop what they’re doing and look at you like:

why hello

8. When you’re in your car, singing along to one of your jams, and then you look out your window, only to see the person in the car next to you staring in amusement. Oh yeah, laugh it up bitch. You’d sing along to Katy Perry too if you got her like I do. That song Firework, it’s deep man, it’s motivating.

9. That awkward moment when you go to school, but forget to wear pants.




No, wait. That was just a dream.

10. When you are in a noisy environment, and then it randomly gets quiet.

That’s awkward in itself, but to make it more awkward is when just in that moment, your stomach decides to sound like a fucking whale.


Could you relate to any of these? Got any awkward moment stories you’d like to share? Comment below! Thanks jerks!