Let me start by saying this….

Life happens in a blink of an eye. Here I was, chugging (sometimes literally) along in life. Happy with my career and my awesome new marriage with The Brit and pushing 40. Then out of nowhere I see two lines. You know the ones I’m talking about ladies. The ones that mean the family is growing by 2 feet.

Now let me just say that I kind of knew something was up when I couldn’t finish a simple margarita. I mean, Come on!  So when I tested on a lark I half expected a negative per usual…but wasn’t NOT upset about those two little lines. It was almost comical the double take I did in my loo…

So, with my new (like 3 months new) hubs off in Vegas I did what any logical person would do. I PANICKED! I freaked the freak out of all freak outs and called my also preggo bestie to help talk me down. When that failed, I went to work and pretended to pay attention when all I could think about was a possible tiny human growing in my belly. The Brit called that night and asked how my day was…”fine, nothing exciting”.

I told him, of course. In the middle of a local restaurant, on the phone, while he was still in Vegas. Bawling. But it worked out and now we have The Minion. All 40 inches and 32 pounds of three year old sass. That where the w(h)ine comes in.

It’s hard being a work at home mom. In her 40’s. With a sassy pants mini me. Oh, it pains me to say this but my parents were so right when they said that any child I would have would be just like I was. Sorry guys. I must have been a real shit. How was there not more booze in the house?

So, this is now my saga. A story of a middle aged mommy trying to make it on the harsh streets of suburbia Kentucky. And booze. Because toddlers are soul sucking demons. Enjoy! Follow me at http://www.livingwellerwithoutthewhine.com