WELCOME to Home For Jerks, a blog built for simply, well for whatever the hell it is that I feel like talking about. I have no specific plans or whatever about when I will post, but Iintend on posting frequently enough so that you will not get bored.

I might add that this blog is for people, like myself, who may claim to have a “dark or cynical sense of humor”, or someone who may claim to be “a smart-ass”. I have been known as a “professional asshole”, and I feel like the purposeful concealment of my assholery from the public is just… an asshole thing to do. That may seem like a contradicting thing to say, considering the whole purpose of this blog is to exploit my jackass behavior, and I might agree, except that I don’t really care. The point is that if something in this blog offends you (*crosses fingers*), then this blog really is not for you, and you probably should just go somewhere else for your entertainment. (You might try Nick Jr.)

Until my psychiatrist and I exploit more of my problems, keep on the lookout for more posts.